At Design for Conscious Living® we help you achieve your decorating and design goals — both indoors and out. You have unique needs and circumstances. So, we tailor our services to your particular situation. Our service listings provide a glimpse into how we work and what we can do for you.  To learn more, and to discuss the vision you have for your home, give us a call or send us a message. We would love to help you.

Styling involves activities like minor decluttering and organization, adding accessories and plants, decorating for the holiday season, or designing a table setting to wow your dinner guests. Where decorating and design tend to focus on changes to a space that are long term, styling is transient.

Our Styling and Seasonal Decorating Services

Holiday Decorating: A beautifully decorated home reflecting the spirit of the holiday season contributes to inner feelings of warmth and joy. Whether it’s incorporating your existing decorations, or designing and sourcing a brand new look, let us embellish your home for you this season minimizing the stress and fatigue of the holidays. We will also return after the holidays to take everything down and pack it away for next year.

Think of styling as a mini facelift or short-term change to your décor.

Styling with Plants: If the design of your space is important to you plants should never be added as an afterthought but rather incorporated into the space during the designing or accessorizing phase of your project. A successful outcome will depend on whether or not you’ve adequately addressed things like available light, size of plant, style of plant, level of care, and pot size. Allow us to beautify your space with greenery so that you may not only reap the health benefits of having plants in your home but also enjoy their decorative contribution.

Styling (a.k.a. accessorizing): Do either of these stories sound like yours? You’ve already completed a home renovation and have the furniture in place, but the room does not look complete. Something is missing and you can’t quite pull it all together—OR—your budget doesn’t accommodate new furniture right now and you would like to freshen up what you already have. We can help you source the artwork accessories and lighting to transform your space from “almost there” to “wow”.

Interior Decorating Expert Celia Alida Rutte on the Importance of Accessories in Interior Design

Seasonal Decorating:  Owing to the influence of decorating magazines changing your accessories with the seasons has become quite popular in home décor. Doing it right is an art that requires an understanding of seasonal colour palettes, textures, and traditional icons. It is easiest to achieve when the backdrop is fairly neutral but this is not a necessity. If you get bored with your surroundings easily and/or like the idea of seasonal decorating we can create as many yearly changes as you wish; and we are also available to maintain and install the individual looks on your schedule.